Yes I actually took a photo of me!

I’m actually a bit nervous to share this with you as I haven’t really added anything very personal on this site so far but I’ve decided to change it up a bit and let you know about a little challenge that I’ve set myself.

This week I’ve been looking at going on holiday in June and if I’m completely honest with myself I would feel more comfortable in a bikini if I lost a bit of fat. So I’ve decided to try and put myself on a little weight loss programme to see whether I can lose a couple of kilos before June. Anybody who knows me will know that I really struggle to turn down food (hasn’t happened for a long time!) and that I find reducing my calories very difficult to stick to – the struggle is real!

How am I going about this?

I’m basically tracking macros and implementing a calorie deficit. The plan is that I’ll use more energy that I’m eating and will hopefully lose some fat. I say ‘hopefully’ because working out the number of calories that you should be having is a bit hit and miss to start with. I’m not worrying about the actual macronutrient proportion at the moment, my priority for this week is to hit the calories if I can. I will review my macro proportions at the end of the week and try and steadily increase my protein. One step at a time.

I’m not going to share the amount of calories that I’m eating because this is really individual – what works for me isn’t going to work for you. I will admit that being six foot in this instance does work in my favour. Naturally, I weigh more and I need more calories to function. I’ve worked out what I think I should be having by using an online calorie calculator to work out what my calories should be if I wanted to remain the same weigh, I then subtracted 500 calories per day so that I will hopefully lose about a pound (or just under half a kilo) a week. Do remember though that because in theory I need a lot of calories subtracting 500 calories is proportionally not that high and certainly isn’t going to put me at risk of being malnourished. I weighed myself on Thursday morning and I’ll do the same next Thursday to see whether I am making any progress and will adjust the calories accordingly. I’m aiming for slow weight loss that is maintainable over the next few weeks.

So how have I got on so Far?

So far, so good but it’s only been three whole days! I’ve had a ‘treat’ every day so far including most of a pizza (I’ll eat the rest today), a huge scone with jam and cream in a cafe and some gin and tonics.

A Scone with jam and cream from a little cafe in Roath Park, Cardiff.

I’m being made aware of certain eating habits that I have which can be improved. For example, I didn’t realise how low calorie my lunches can be. They are really nutritious and I really overestimated how many calories are in some foods. Some people may think that very low-calorie lunches are a great thing, but I often go swimming or to the gym after work and I need to make sure that I have enough energy in the tank for that. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t got the recommended amount of fibre for two of the days, even though I would have thought that I get a lot! Honestly tracking your food is really eye-opening.

Was this interesting or TMI? Do you want me to keep telling you what I’m doing?