Not me! I need to take some photos

I tend to go to the gym four or five times per week and if I can’t make it to the gym then I’ll work out at home. This isn’t always possible but this is what I strive for. Because I workout so regularly, I often have people ask me how I am so motivated.

“Sometimes I’m tired, busy or just plain lazy but I’ll do it anyway.”

The truth is that I’m not always motivated. While it is true that I LOVE exercise, I don’t always want to do it. Sometimes I’m tired, busy or just plain lazy but I’ll do it anyway. How? Discipline. Sometimes I force myself to workout. I make myself go to the gym or pick up my kettlebells at home so that I get to the point that it is something that I just do without thinking. I finish work and I go to the gym. Now this isn’t to say that I don’t listen to my body. If I’m feeling tired, then I’ll go to the gym and do my warm up. If it feels good, then I’ll proceed to my workout; if I still feel really sluggish and horrible, then I’ll do some stretching, a bit of light cardio and go home. Most of the time, once I am in the gym, in my workout clothes and the blood is pumping, I enjoy my workout and I’m glad that I went.

Motivation isn’t something that is constant. Like anything else, we get it in peaks and troughs and we can’t rely on it. Who can honestly say that they are motivated to go to work every single day? We all have days where we want to stay in bed longer and we don’t want to go in but we drag ourselves out of our warm beds, shove ourselves into work clothes and go in every single day. That’s discipline. Sometimes we have to force ourselves do go, the same applies to working out.

My point is this. You aren’t going to want to go to the gym every day, that is normal. But you should go anyway. If you make yourself go, then chances are that you’ll feel better after you’ve been. Eventually, you’ll find your motivation again and it’ll be easier. At the end of the end of the day, discipline wins over motivation.