Soooooo this is happening!

I’m writing this blog to let you know of a rather huge life change that I am making. Even as I’m writing this I’m feeling really nervous but what doesn’t challenge us, doesn’t change us and frankly, I haven’t really challenged myself for many years!

Those of you who know me IRL know that I have a Canadian boyfriend. We met in Mexico in April 2016 (playing volleyball in the pool haha!) and essentially fell in love over WhatsApp with me going over there in September 2016 to see him and decide whether or not this was the ‘real’ deal. Well it turns out that it was and I’m moving over to Canada at the end of June! It’s been a long and fairly stressful process (although not as stressful as most immigration processes so I have been very lucky) but it’s finally happening.

On Friday the 31st May, I am leaving the job that I’ve been in for eight and a half years to pack up and dispose of a lot of my belongings (most of them sob!) and make my way over to the New World. I’ve given myself just under a month off to sort everything out, but then me being me I’ve also booked myself a lovely holiday to Greece in the meantime because I’ve never been! I have to say that although I’m really ready to leave my current role, and this is part of the reason why we decided that I should be the one to move, I’m pretty anxious about my last day in work because it makes it all feel pretty real!

When I arrive in Canada, I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend, who is a lifelong batchelor so he’s going to have some adjustment too. I’ll also be on the job hunt in Canada. Although Canada is very similar to the UK in a lot of ways, it is also pretty different and they don’t have the same social security system (or even similar) to what we have here so I’ll also be taking a new career path. I’m hoping that I will soon qualify as a personal trainer and that I’ll be able to do that. I love working out and I also really feel the need to work in a job that helps others (as this is what my whole career has been about to date) so I’m hoping that working as a PT will be a really good fit for me.

Aside from leaving my friends and family in the UK (including my gorgeous, cheeky, young nephews), I’m also leaving my cat, at least for the time being. I really want to bring my cat over but he’s 10 years old, really anxious and he’s pretty territorial. My boyfriend has a cat (and his friend who lives upstairs has a dog) and I’m really worried that the flight will stress him out and then when he gets to Canada he’ll have the ordeal of having a step-brother who he fights with. The whole ideal of sorting the cat out was adding to my stress levels so we decided that he’s going to stay with my ex-boyfriend who he knows and loves very much. I’m intention is to come back and get him but it gives me a bit of time to work things out and to decide what is best for all of us.

But basically that’s it! It’s very exciting and very terrifying at the same time. On the other hand, my boyfriend and I have done the long-distance thing for three years and it really is time to see whether it works on a full-time basis. So it’s a huge risk, but I feel like I’m at a point in my life when I need to go hard or go home.

What’s the scariest thing that you’ve done?