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Starting from Zero: Week 2

Here is a picture of the Ocean because it makes me feel calm…and goodness knows we all need a bit of calm in our lives right now

Well what a 24 hours it has been in the UK. We were all looking forward to a nice Christmas with our loved ones only for millions of us to be told that it isn’t going to happen. In Wales we knew that we were going to go into lockdown as of December 28, but this has been brought forward to 12 am December 20 and we had a few hours notice.

I used my last few hours of freedom wisely and went to a shop to get the bits that we would need for a Christmas on our own and then packed up the car with the Christmas gifts and dropped them off to my family. People here are upset and frustrated at Christmas effectively being cancelled, but my approach is to just roll on through. It is really upsetting, especially as I spent last Christmas away from my family, but honestly with the year that I’ve had it’s like water off a ducks back. I’m just hoping that 2021 is the truly awesome year we deserve.

So fitness stuff…it’s actually going well. I’m still on track despite working long shifts this week 10.15 to 8.15. I’m chalking it up as a big success as I had to train before work and with finishing later, having to eat and then wind down the from the day the last thing I wanted to do was get up and train!

Anyway, here’s a summary of what I did:


Circuits #5 with Tyrone Brennand on the FIIT app. It’s great, it’s sweaty, its strength and cardio which works for at the moment!


Yoga – lower body stretch with Cat Meffan on the FIIT app. I also did half of another yoga session with the same instructor but I had some technical difficulties so I finished up with this session. I really enjoyed it and felt better after a little stretch


Circuits #5 with Tyrone Brennand on the FIIT app


I realised that I hadn’t had a proper rest day for nine days (although yoga was a much gentler day). Rest is really important so I honoured my body and recovered


Pilates Foundations #3 with Lottie Murphy. Man this was tough! I lot of care work, pilates is not the easy option!


You guessed it…..Circuits #5 with Tyrone Brennand on the FIIT app. I’m going to start mixing these up so I progress but it’s a good class that I found challenging so I wanted to do this for a couple of weeks before moving on.

Basically, the goal that I have set myself is to do three full-body strength sessions and two pilates sessions per week. If I can throw in a yoga session into the week then even better. This week coming up may be a little bit of a challenge because it’s Christmas week which means I may be driving down to Evesham one day and won’t have time to train and there may be a few hangovers. I’m feeling better in myself for training though so I’m determined that I’ll keep it up to some degree.I do think that you have to be a bit flexible at times so I’m going to do what I can and not add training to the list of things to stress about!

Are you guys going to train on Christmas Day?

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