What are Training Splits?

Training splits are the way that you break up your training. There are many ways in which you can do this but there are four popular ways in which you can do it. If this all sounds alien to you then read on and see what your options are.

Whole Body Split 

It seems a bit daft to call something a whole body split (as you aren’t actually splitting anything up) but we do! This is where you train your whole body in each session. This is good where you are only able to do a limited amount of training sessions (2-3 per week) and where you don’t train on consecutive days. One of the great things about this type of training is that as you are using your whole body you are likely to be burning the maximum amount of calories -so this training split is ideal if you are looking to lose weight.

Upper/Lower Body Split

In this type of split you train your upper body so arms, back, chest and shoulders in one session and then lower body so legs and glutes in the other session. This is a good training split if you do train in consecutive days as it allows you work the half of the body that you haven’t used but allow recovery on the other half of the body. You can slot a core session on the end of either your upper or lower body session depending on which you find quicker to train. This is the body split that I used as I train four times a week and this allows me to train each body part twice a week and still get adequate recovery. If I want to train a fifth session I can, I just make sure that it is more skill-based and not heavy.

Body Part Split

This type of training split is popular with body builders and guys in general. I personally think that a lot of men would actually benefit from an upper/lower body split, or even a full body split.

This training system is where you split up your training into the different body parts. The most common split is probably chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulder and finally, legs. This method requires training four times a week and if you miss a session then you have potentially missed your opportunity to train that body part that week. I’m not a fan of this training method for that reason, I also think that it is an inefficient use of gym time if your goal is fat loss. 

Push/Pull/Legs split

This is a more advance type of training split if you don’t have a personal trainer as you have to understand a bit more about movement patterns to be able to work out which category the movement falls into. In this training split you would train all of your push movements (e.g. chest press, shoulder press) in one session, your pull movements in another session (e.g. pull up, lateral pull down) in another session and then legs in your other session.